Spital, Wirral.

Swimming pools and electricity?

Thornfield Electrical has gone to great lengths to be the experts

Swimming pool electrics is a specialist job and so you need to call Thornfield Electrical for all your swimming pool electrical installations and pool lighting.

After all, we’ve a proven track record with projects from local authorities, leisure clubs and with ‘high end’ luxury home pools – including the innovative and immensely sought after Endless Pool, using the latest LED lighting, your pool will shine for longer, not only reducing call-out costs but also reducing the carbon footprint by up to 90%.

And just to make sure everything goes swimmingly, you can rest assured in the knowledge that Thornfield Electrical are qualified electricians and  fully versed in the latest IEE regulations, making electrical systems by water intrinsically safe.


Pool and Lighting work carried out in Antigua
Pool and Lighting work carried out in Antigua