Holiday Homes (Llŷn Peninsula)

Holiday Homes or Second Homes are a wonderful asset to have, and to subsidise the cost of ownership, renting can make good business sense. However, owners should be made aware of the many pitfalls of third party claims and the litigation costs associated with this. With the 'where there's blame, there's a claim' culture, second home owners need to be especially careful that the liability doesn't fall at their doorstep. It is imperative that all insurance policies are as fail-safe as possible. That's where Thornfield Electrical comes in.Llyn Peninsula Holday Home and Caravan Electrical Services

Whether you let out a cottage or a caravan you need to ensure your electrics are up to the mark. Insurance companies will only pay out for third party liability claims - and then only if the electrical installation has been properly maintained and Periodically Inspected as prescribed in BS 7671. What's more, all portable appliances have to have a yearly Portable Appliance Test, together with credible records for proof.

Thornfield Electrical provides a full electrical testing service, electrical repairs and electrical maintenance backed up by documentation which complies with all guidelines set out by Councils, Insurance Companies, Letting Agents and Solicitors alike, giving re-assurance that everything which should be covered, is so.

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