CCTV Security Camera with Twin Lights
CCTV Telescopic Security Camera Pair
CCTV Security Camera Top Mounted
CCTV Security Camera Wall Mounted
CCTV Telescopic Security Camera

CCTV and Smartphone Viewing

for commercial premises and personal home security

You know Thornfield Electrical can give you complete peace of mind with regards to our work and compliance – but we can also give you reassurance for the security of your home or premises.
Over our 24 years we’ve installed a range of systems for a wide customer base from factory owners to security-conscious homeowners.

Using the latest technology, high resolution cameras and cutting edge DVR systems cleverly coupled with the internet, enable customers not only to view on their television screens but also straight from their smartphones – anywhere in the world.

We install only the finest hardware for the job, covering all aspects from one camera to as many as you require. The range-topping Aver DVR hardware systems offer you ultimate flexibility and provide:

  • Cross-recording and remote secondary recording
  • Remote fault-finding and programming
  • HD compatibility
  • Email alerts
  • Up to 4 weeks recording footage
  • Time Check – forget scrolling through endless footage, get straight to the part you need – without the legwork.

No wonder customers smile for our cameras.
CCTV Smartphone Viewing